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Nomad Case Options for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

It’s the new-iPhone time of year! Though it seems that many others have made the upgrade as well, which put my phone on back order for 2+ weeks.

As I waited for ship date, I shopped with one of my favorite brands, Nomad, to see what options were out there for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases, and I ended up grabbing leather models for each, as well as a Sport and Rugged case as well.

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max Nomad cases all have a polycarbonate shell internally, ensuring the safety of your device. The raised edges around the screen and camera cutouts also provide protection, reducing the risk of damage during falls. A critical element for me is also Magsafe, since I use it both for charging and to attach various Popsockets and wallets.

Let’s start with the Rugged case for the iPhone 15 Pro. The corners of this case are notably chubbier than the Modern Leather cases, but there are 2 cool things that you only get from the Rugged case. First, this is one of the few iPhone 15 Pro cases that “lies flat” on its back due to the raised rubber corners. Most others lay at a tilt because of the camera bump. My second favorite feature is the color-matching, corrugated, home button, pictured below:

For the iPhone 15 Pro, I’ve been alternating between the rugged case and the black leather case, which is leather on the back only – the sides have a grippy rubberized coating with equally functional buttons. The leather case is a little gentler on the hands because the edges are rounded and don’t protrude like the Rugged case, but after all, isn’t that the point? The Rugged case is rugged because it has more padding. Plus the ultra orange color is cool AF.

Ms. Simple Guy Stuff decided on the white Sport as her primary case for the 15 Pro Max. Like the leather case, the Sport case has rubberized edges with subtle branding, but also has a slick plastic coating on the back. On all cases we tested, the magnets were strong enough for Magsafe charging as well as using Popsocket grips (pictured above on the Ultra Orange Rugged case) and Popsocket wallets (pictured below).

Nomad’s Sport and Modern Leather cases for the iPhone 15 series will run you $50, while the Rugged case is $60. Price-wise this is perfectly in line with other premium case makers and you’ll earn yourself a quality case that’s easy to use and very protective. Once again, Nomad delivers an elegant iPhone experience that is equally functional and visually appealing. Shop the complete line of Nomad accessories at

Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1

The Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1 Charger is a sleek and elegant charging solution that combines style and practicality in one package. Offering multiple charging options, this device is a godsend for those with multiple Apple devices on their desk or night stand.

Nomad has always been known for its premium design, and the Base One Max is no exception. A single “brick” made of weighted metal and glass, it exudes luxury. Available in silver or carbide (black, pictured), you can choose your color to match your surroundings.

The Base One Max is a desk/home charger, and is not really meant to be anything else. Its substantial weight of a pound-and-a-half ensures stability on a surface but makes this device a poor choice for portability. In my case, the Base One Max has replaced my Apple MagSafe Duo charger permanently on my nightstand. Which reminds me of my favorite thing about the Base One Max: I can remove my phone from it with one hand and it stays in place. With the MagSafe Duo, I have to separate the charger from the phone manually, sometimes sending it clattering onto my nightstand and waking a slumbering spouse.

A significant feature of this charger is official MFi MagSafe charging support, with up to 15w of power, delivered through the included braided USB C-to-C cable. This means quick wireless charging for iPhone 12 or newer models, but it’s essential that you use a 30w or higher USB-C charging brick (not included). The integrated Apple Watch charger and Qi-compatible AirPods charging spot make it a complete charging hub for your Apple devices. My AirPods are pictured here using Nomad’s Sport Case in Ash Green.

It should also be noted that the Nomad Base One Max is compatible of charging any Qi-enabled device, like an Android smartphone, on the white charging puck too, making it helpful for households with mixed ecosystems.

Priced at $170, the Base One Max 3-in-1 charger is available today from Nomad.

Davidoff Aniversario No. 3

davidoff aniversario 3

There are a small handful of cigar brands that occupy the “premium” category at cigars shops, and Davidoff is certainly one. On the higher end of the spectrum in cost, Davidoff cigars are definitely a treat. For me, it’s their construction that help exhibit that “premium” quality, and I love their soft, smooth wrappers.

As you can see, the Aniversario No. 3 displays its own beautiful, soft wrapper. On lighting the cigar, there’s a taste of woody spice, with a creamy note on the exhale. Wrapped in an Ecuador wrapper and filled and bound with Dominican tobacco, the Aniversario has a mild profile initially, but builds quite a bit into a medium-to-full-bodied smoke over time.

davidoff aniversario 3

At about the halfway point, the woodiness is replaced by chocolate, which is the primary profile until the end, with continues spice notes on occasion, too. As expected, the Aniversario smoked well, and remained flavorful and enjoyable until I was finished — definitely a treat for a special occasion, though if your budget allows, a great Dominican cigar for regular smoking.

I smoked a Aniversario No. 3 size, a 6″x50 Toro that will run you about $24. The Aniversario is available by the box from Davidoff Geneva.

S.T. Dupont Minijet

st dupont minijet lighters

S.T. Dupont of Paris has been making iconic luxury items for over a century. James Bond can be seen using a Dupont lighter from time to time. Since cigar smoking is considered a luxury hobby, Dupont has a wide range of options for cigar smokers, and all of their accessories are gift-quality.

The S.T. Dupont Minijet has been on the market for several years, and those made previous to 2017 use a horizontal line as an air vent. Picture above, the new lighters use a flame cutout for ventilation. Current models are a part of the  James Bond 007 Minijet family and retail for $150.

The Minijet a lightweight, single-torch butane lighter that is compact enough to carry in your pocket easily. It uses standard butane to refill and lights easily with a side-squeeze ignitor. These is a flame-height adjustment screw on the base. Because these lighters are minimalist and small, the ignition trigger will only light when the lighter is upright, preventing you from burning your hand or functioning as a sort of child lock as well.

st dupont minijet lighter

The flame is clean, straight and ignited well on every squeeze. Of course, a quality-built product like a Dupont should be both visually elegant and functionally flawless, and these lighters are certainly both.

The S.T. Dupont Minijet is available in a range of colors and designs directly from the Davidoff of Geneva online store. Pictured above are the Matte Black and Red Lacquered Minijets.

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist

keysmart nanotorch twist 2

Keysmart, originally known for their compact keyholders, have begun to branch out into other everyday carry (EDC) type products. The Nano Torch Twist is one of those. Taking cues from the old 90-degree military flashlights of old, they’ve incorporated a twisting top, allowing for 90° or straight use.

keysmart nanotorch twist

The Nano Torch Twist is a solidly-built flashlight, maybe a little bit heavy for pocket carry, though, it has a handy belt clip. The ignition trigger is located on the body (instead of the cap), making it much easier to switch in the 90° configuration. The cap has another use, though, as it houses a powerful magnet for when your hands aren’t free to hold the light.

There are multiple modes of light output for the Nano Torch Twist: low (100 lumens), medium (250 lumens) and high (600 lumens). In addition, you can trigger strobe and SOS modes, too, which shine at the 600 lumen mode.

keysmart nanotorch twist 2

Now, it may appear that the Twist uses a standard AA battery, which it can, though at a greatly-reduced lumen output. Instead it comes with a rechargeable AA-sized lithium ion battery and the charging cable. Battery life should be 1-7 hours, depending on the lumen output you use.

Nano Torch Twist is a handy and solidly-built EDC light, and having the option of using backup AA batteries when it’s not charged is handy. The cap magnet will be put to good use, too, as it’ll save me from having to use head lamps when working in the car. The Nano Torch Twist is available in silver or black for $69.99 from Amazon.

Davidoff Churchill The Late Hour

davidoff late hour 1

Davidoff Cigars are famously well-constructed and are most certainly some of the most premium sticks on the market today. The Davidoff Churchill Late Hour is a relatively new blend from them, using an Ecuadorian wrapper, Mexican San Mexican San Andres Binder, plus Dominican and Nicaraguan Filler.

The wrapper is silky-smooth, and it’s these soft, smooth wrappers that are one of my favorite things about Davidoff, in general. Once lit, the cigar has flavors of pepper and bitter dark chocolate with really great smoke output. As you smoke, the pepper mellows in favor of roasted peanuts and the cigar remains well-built and full flavored throughout.

davidoff late hour 3

I smoked a Late Hour Robusto size, a 5″x52 stick that will run you about $20. The Late Hour is available by the box from Davidoff Geneva.

Anker PowerPort Chargers for USB-C

anker usbc pd chargers

Anker has really become well-known for their quality and innovative products. A brand that’s exclusively sold through Amazon, I’ve owned a variety of their accessories from USB batteries to charging cables.

Since several cell phone and computer manufacturers have moved to USB-C ports on their devices, Anker has developed charging products for that specific port, and I tested out 2 of their newest.

anker usbc pd chargers

The PowerPort Atom III Slim is an extremely compact charger that hugs the wall and includes a 30W port on the bottom to retain its slim-ness. the plug folds flat for traveling. This wattage is capable of charging phones with fast charge, but also matches the pack-in chargers that come with Apple’s older Macbook and new Macbook Air, plus gives you a better option for fast-charging iPhones and iPad Pros.

I tested it out with the 12″ Macbook and charging was as speedy as with the standard Apple charger. Since PowerPort Slim is less expensive ($35 vs Apple’s $50), more compact, and just as reliable, it’s a good replacement to pick up.

anker usbc pd chargers

The PowerPort Atom III 60W is a big deal. Until very recently, Apple was the only place you could purchase a brick that had the wattage to charge the 13″ Macbook Pro. On top of that, the PowerPro 60W will charge everything mentioned above as well: Pro tablets, fast charge phones and smaller laptops.

anker usbc pd chargers

Above, you can see the PowerPort 60W and Apple’s Macbook Pro 60W charger. The size difference is significant, especially if you travel often, and the weight of the PowerPort is significantly less than Apple’s as well.

Finally, there’s the contrast in price. These PowerPort 60W is $40, while a replacement from Apple is $70. At a lower price, less weight, and less bulk, there’s really no reason to choose one of these as a replacement or extra charger for your USB-C gear.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

fathers day gifts

Depending on your dad, Father’s Day gift-giving can be a lot of fun or a chore. For me, some tasty whiskey and cigars is about my favorite way to celebrate. If you are still looking for ideas, though, I have a few that might earn you the “favorite kid” title this year. Try these gifts out!

Door58 Decanter Set. $79.99

Packaged in a handsome wooden gift box, this decanter set is 100% crystal, not cheapie glass (note there are no seams in the tumblers or decanter). Styled in a sharp art-deco-inspired design, the decanter will hold a whole bottle of whiskey, and the wide, hefty tumblers feel great in the hand. Door58 has generously offered a discount for our readers (until June 15, 2019) of 20% off this set! Just follow the link about and enter the code 20DADBLOG at checkout.

Powers Three Swallow Irish Whiskey. $40

For those of you who haven’t experienced much Irish whiskey, you’re missing out. The sweet notes of bourbon and the richness of Scotch make Irish a taste all of its own. This is a fairly new expression of Powers that’s only been available in the US for a few months, so if you see some, pick up a bottle for dad.

Speyburn 10 (gift set). $30

To me, Speyburn is one of the best buys in single malt scotch. Often $30 and sometimes as low as $20, it’s an easy brand to keep around. In this case, my bottle of Speyburn came boxed with a bottle of “Source” – Scottish water designed to accompany Highland whiskys like this one. You serve your Speyburn neat, and give it a small dash of Source. A fun idea and perfectly affordable.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum. $45

If dad wants to venture out into aged rums, then a nice one like Diplomatico is the way to go. With both tropical and woody notes, aged rums sometimes match the terrior of cigars, for instance, or even coffee. If dad like stogies or adds a splash of whiskey to his coffee, have him try Diplomatico.


Enjoy your Father’s Day this year! Cheers!

Christmas Gifts for Mac and iPhone

christmas gifts for apple lovers

Macs and iPhones have always had some of the most interesting accessories in the world of computing. From old collectibles to new products that look like old products, Apple’s fanbase has always been willing to pay for premium, well-designed products, and accessories are no exception either. I talked to my friends at Anker, TwelveSouth and Rareform and got some of the coolest, most useful products for Apple laptops and phones and compiled this short list of Christmas gift ideas – all items are below $100, and most are below $50! Continue reading

Nomad Battery Cable (Lightning)

Nomad Battery Cable

I have to confess that I’m about 2 weeks overdue in posting the review of the Nomad Battery Cable. The problem was that this cable went straight into my EDC bag and I haven’t stopped using it long enough to photograph it.

Nomad Battery Cable

The Battery Cable is a great concept: a Lightning cable for charging your Apple products with a built in “battery barrel” (as I call it) that maintains a charge and acts as a backup/emergency battery for your gear as well. It’s built on a rugged ballistic nylon, moisture-proof cable that’s reinforced throughout and on both ends of the cable. I suspect this will last 10 times longer than my EDC charging cables usually last.

Nomad Battery Cable

Cable length is 10″ from the wall to the battery pack, then another 44″ of cabling thereafter. Nomad includes a built-in silicone cable keeper to prevent tangles while it jostles around in your bag.

Nomad Battery Cable

At $50, this is a cable that will provide you with the value of saved space in your everyday bag, as portable battery packs become unnecessary. I normally keep my AirPods plugged into the cable while it’s in my bag, which keeps them topped-off and I can forget about charging them. This cable is a well-built, useful cable that gives you the bonus of portable charging outside of electrical outlets, too.

As they always do, Nomad has scored a home run with a truly premium, useful product in the Battery Cable.