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Nomad Case Options for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

It’s the new-iPhone time of year! Though it seems that many others have made the upgrade as well, which put my phone on back order for 2+ weeks.

As I waited for ship date, I shopped with one of my favorite brands, Nomad, to see what options were out there for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases, and I ended up grabbing leather models for each, as well as a Sport and Rugged case as well.

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max Nomad cases all have a polycarbonate shell internally, ensuring the safety of your device. The raised edges around the screen and camera cutouts also provide protection, reducing the risk of damage during falls. A critical element for me is also Magsafe, since I use it both for charging and to attach various Popsockets and wallets.

Let’s start with the Rugged case for the iPhone 15 Pro. The corners of this case are notably chubbier than the Modern Leather cases, but there are 2 cool things that you only get from the Rugged case. First, this is one of the few iPhone 15 Pro cases that “lies flat” on its back due to the raised rubber corners. Most others lay at a tilt because of the camera bump. My second favorite feature is the color-matching, corrugated, home button, pictured below:

For the iPhone 15 Pro, I’ve been alternating between the rugged case and the black leather case, which is leather on the back only – the sides have a grippy rubberized coating with equally functional buttons. The leather case is a little gentler on the hands because the edges are rounded and don’t protrude like the Rugged case, but after all, isn’t that the point? The Rugged case is rugged because it has more padding. Plus the ultra orange color is cool AF.

Ms. Simple Guy Stuff decided on the white Sport as her primary case for the 15 Pro Max. Like the leather case, the Sport case has rubberized edges with subtle branding, but also has a slick plastic coating on the back. On all cases we tested, the magnets were strong enough for Magsafe charging as well as using Popsocket grips (pictured above on the Ultra Orange Rugged case) and Popsocket wallets (pictured below).

Nomad’s Sport and Modern Leather cases for the iPhone 15 series will run you $50, while the Rugged case is $60. Price-wise this is perfectly in line with other premium case makers and you’ll earn yourself a quality case that’s easy to use and very protective. Once again, Nomad delivers an elegant iPhone experience that is equally functional and visually appealing. Shop the complete line of Nomad accessories at NomadGoods.com.