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Nomad Case Options for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

It’s the new-iPhone time of year! Though it seems that many others have made the upgrade as well, which put my phone on back order for 2+ weeks.

As I waited for ship date, I shopped with one of my favorite brands, Nomad, to see what options were out there for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases, and I ended up grabbing leather models for each, as well as a Sport and Rugged case as well.

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max Nomad cases all have a polycarbonate shell internally, ensuring the safety of your device. The raised edges around the screen and camera cutouts also provide protection, reducing the risk of damage during falls. A critical element for me is also Magsafe, since I use it both for charging and to attach various Popsockets and wallets.

Let’s start with the Rugged case for the iPhone 15 Pro. The corners of this case are notably chubbier than the Modern Leather cases, but there are 2 cool things that you only get from the Rugged case. First, this is one of the few iPhone 15 Pro cases that “lies flat” on its back due to the raised rubber corners. Most others lay at a tilt because of the camera bump. My second favorite feature is the color-matching, corrugated, home button, pictured below:

For the iPhone 15 Pro, I’ve been alternating between the rugged case and the black leather case, which is leather on the back only – the sides have a grippy rubberized coating with equally functional buttons. The leather case is a little gentler on the hands because the edges are rounded and don’t protrude like the Rugged case, but after all, isn’t that the point? The Rugged case is rugged because it has more padding. Plus the ultra orange color is cool AF.

Ms. Simple Guy Stuff decided on the white Sport as her primary case for the 15 Pro Max. Like the leather case, the Sport case has rubberized edges with subtle branding, but also has a slick plastic coating on the back. On all cases we tested, the magnets were strong enough for Magsafe charging as well as using Popsocket grips (pictured above on the Ultra Orange Rugged case) and Popsocket wallets (pictured below).

Nomad’s Sport and Modern Leather cases for the iPhone 15 series will run you $50, while the Rugged case is $60. Price-wise this is perfectly in line with other premium case makers and you’ll earn yourself a quality case that’s easy to use and very protective. Once again, Nomad delivers an elegant iPhone experience that is equally functional and visually appealing. Shop the complete line of Nomad accessories at

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist

keysmart nanotorch twist 2

Keysmart, originally known for their compact keyholders, have begun to branch out into other everyday carry (EDC) type products. The Nano Torch Twist is one of those. Taking cues from the old 90-degree military flashlights of old, they’ve incorporated a twisting top, allowing for 90° or straight use.

keysmart nanotorch twist

The Nano Torch Twist is a solidly-built flashlight, maybe a little bit heavy for pocket carry, though, it has a handy belt clip. The ignition trigger is located on the body (instead of the cap), making it much easier to switch in the 90° configuration. The cap has another use, though, as it houses a powerful magnet for when your hands aren’t free to hold the light.

There are multiple modes of light output for the Nano Torch Twist: low (100 lumens), medium (250 lumens) and high (600 lumens). In addition, you can trigger strobe and SOS modes, too, which shine at the 600 lumen mode.

keysmart nanotorch twist 2

Now, it may appear that the Twist uses a standard AA battery, which it can, though at a greatly-reduced lumen output. Instead it comes with a rechargeable AA-sized lithium ion battery and the charging cable. Battery life should be 1-7 hours, depending on the lumen output you use.

Nano Torch Twist is a handy and solidly-built EDC light, and having the option of using backup AA batteries when it’s not charged is handy. The cap magnet will be put to good use, too, as it’ll save me from having to use head lamps when working in the car. The Nano Torch Twist is available in silver or black for $69.99 from Amazon.

Flowfold Bags and Wallets

flowfold bags

Something inside me is always searching for the perfect bag for various circumstances. For instance, I have 2 iPad messenger bags…and don’t even have an iPad anymore. I don’t, however, have a good duffel bag, and on a search, I came across the Flowfold brand, a made-in-the-USA brand of “minimalist outdoor gear.”

I got the opportunity to try their duffel bag, accessory pouch and a couple of wallets.

flowfold bags

The Conductor 40L Duffel Bag ($98) is perfect. A duffel should be large and useful, and other than is huge interior, this one has a useful side pocket, plus the expected handles and shoulder strap. It also has a fancy zipper (see above) that helps it resist water and snags. This is a great, sturdy camping bag that you can just rinse off when you’re back from the wilderness.

flowfold bags

Flowfold’s Ace Accessory Pouch ($30) is one of those bags I didn’t know I needed until I got it. measuring 9″x5″, this slips easily into your larger day bags, but helps you keep your everyday carry items well-sorted, like chargers, pens, headphones or cash. I’ve found it a great bag for cigars, lighters and cutters, too. It has a loop on the side for easy carry if all you need for you day is the pouch, too.

flowfold bags

Along with other packs and gear, Foldfold’s also got about a dozen wallets in many shapes and configurations. I’m trying out their Vanguard ($29) in Black Pearl (pictured above left and below) and the limited Jet Black (pictured above right). These have layers of “ballistic nylon webbing” – in fact, the Black Pearl is made of it inside and out – that lead to a lightweight, thin, but very durable finish. These are long-life wallets with a touch of waterproofing, too.

I’m a fan of back-pocket wallets, but like mine to be extremely thin, so these sturdy wallets have become part of my usual rotation.

flowfold bags

Whether a larger outdoor bag or a useful city-dweller application, I’ve now got a few more bags for that perfect application, plus some handy, thin, back-pocket wallets as well.